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Enjoy our Signature Wines?

Follow the link below to our shop. We offer both shipping and pick-up of our signature wines. Currently, we are only able to ship NC, but this will be expanding soon! Get ready to #findyourkefi

Wine Club?

We look forward to starting our first wine club very soon! With this, you will receive exclusive discounts, tours and tasting room visits. Oh, and of course our signature wines delivered right to your door! Visit our shop, using the link above to learn more about the wine club and to sign up to receive updates on all things Kefi.

What does KEFI mean?

KEFI/ KEFI(in Greek)is best described in Greek as meaning: the spirit of joy, zest for life, triumph, passion, enthusiasm, high spirits, overpowering emotion, euphoria, mojo, adrenalin, frenzy, positive emotions and fun.