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Discovering our Kefi, one vine, one cluster, one bottle at a time.

KEFI/ KEFI(in Greek)is best described in Greek as meaning: the spirit of joy, zest for life, triumph, passion, enthusiasm, high spirits, overpowering emotion, euphoria, mojo, adrenalin, frenzy, positive emotions and fun.

Some may wonder just how did all this madness begin??? Well, to be honest with you, I am still trying figure all that out myself, but buckle in and let me tell you about my journey to find my Kefi!

Many years ago in a far way and beautiful mountain village, Fithakia Greece, a young woman, Paraskevi, quickly finished her daily chores, for this special day. She changed into her church dress, braided her long dark hair and ran to meet the “yambro”( the groom) and his father as they arrived. The groom, Evangelos, had heard wonderful things about the “nifi”(the bride).

Evangelos, now known as Angelo, had been fortunate to be sponsored by his Uncle Stavro to immigrate to the world’s beacon country, the United States of America. After five years of dedicated work every single day (except for Christmas and Easter of course, I mean he is Greek after all!), he became an American citizen and returned back to his homeland to search for his one true love.

Through diligent, hard labor he had found his amazing new homeland and he found her. Her name was Paraskevi, and she was all he ever desired. After winning over this beautiful young woman, his American dream continued. Fast forward some years, and Angelo has a family with four children in good ole’ Florence, SC.

Well, how in the world do I know about this and why does this matter?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Vasiliki, and I am fortunate enough to be the oldest child of that beautiful couple. My father and mother instilled a spirit of hard work, desire, passion, and of course Kefi in their children. With this mind, the story fast forwards some more years, and I am busy with a career as a physician and four wonderful children. However, I felt I was missing another calling in my life. Taking after my late mother and my wonderful Aunt Effie, I knew that I loved being surrounded by the glorious outdoors and watching the Earth bring forth her generous gifts. Then a little idea popped into my head…

After searching for over a year, I found a piece of property with a deep history in need of a makeover and a TLC! The land that included a peaceful pond, rolling hills and a lot of rocky soil. I said to myself, “perfect for a vineyard.”

With that moment ingrained in my mind, my crazy dream had only just begun. After intensive reading, studying and annoying every single expert on vinology and enology who would listen, I set my goal: to grow grape varietals that were both beloved for thousands years and familiar to my Greek ancestors.

How do I set out to accomplish this? By growing phenomenal grapes that have been treasured in the Mediterranean. Greek varieties that make delicious, aromatic wines with names and tastes unfamiliar to American ears and palates.

Well, there it is; my story in all its glory. Welcome to my dream of continuing to find my Kefi. Want to find yours?

– Vasiliki

Vasiliki Collins
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